Ebony’s Serenade to the Moon

Walk with me in a mountainous land of prisms,
feel your feet upon the bright sand,
warm from multitudes of brilliant rainbows,
see them paint your skin like a gay pride parade.

Dance with me on the edge of a gorge,
inconceivable heights blurred with distance,
upon the ever-shifting terrain of obsidian,
at the foot of moonlit stairs to the city in the sky.

Lay with me beneath a sky of shifting colors,
where we are gods to those who dwell there,
mythical creatures that shift at will,
like packs of mythological playing cards.

Sing along with me to your favourite songs,
the acoustics the storm around us,
a symphony of destruction to the audience of you,
a magnanimous orchestra solely at your behest.

Come with me on a trek like no other,
to a place that I have created,
to whatever place you could possibly fantasize,
open your eyes and realize your dreams.

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