Ashley in Wonderland

Redundancy is never-ceasing,

Images may be subject to copyright.

The sun blazes through the sky,
The moon shines benevolently upon us,
Seasons turn in an apathetic world.Falling down the rabbit hole once more,
Fingers grasping, reaching, bleeding
As roots, desks, and silverware skim by,
With no end in sight of this dark tumble.

Melancholy takes a choke hold on my throat,
Squeezing relentlessly with unseen force,
As my screams die in my hoarse windpipe,
Never to be heard in the rush of the passing wind.

Leaves twirl past, veins florescent in the dimness,
Bell-like shrooms skip past wildly
Rabbits check the time with an OCD’s methodical litany
Doormice sing drunkenly, slurred words echoing crazily.

Colored shesha smoke wraps around my essence,
Reigning in my fall to cavort with an Arabic caterpillar
And raise my voice in rhapsody with pretty flowers,
Faces upturned to suck in the hookah smoke like addicts.

In a topsy-turvy world, what is your choice of reality?
When all inanimate objects are personified,
Walls melt and shudder to the ground at your feet,
Do you play with the molds like Lincoln logs?

Believe me when I say that you could never understand,
The pills you are taking help you see more clearly
And mine show me the sinister sensuality of your dreams,
My empathy reigns supreme in the solid globe of apathy.

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