Crossing the Veil

Another day has been laid to waste,

All rights reserved.

Procrastination keeps its hold on me
And my thoughts resound off the padded walls once more.I stand at the window,
Watching the rain tamper down the smoke
Of the fires of destruction.

I look at my home city through jaded eyes,
Seeing life say farewell to goodness
In a place that was never mine in my broken heart.

I want nothing to do with this world,
This planet filled with cruel and unusual punishment,
Where Love has abandoned us like orphaned children.

I place one foot in front of the other,
With thick mud clinging to my boots,
Brown like excrement and reeking of loss.

I follow the sound of the saddest song in the world,
A eulogy for the greatness our kind once had,
A prophecy foretold from the beginning of time.

The once beautiful forest has lost her song,
Now pale and ephemeral, like a corpse in a casket of drought,
Undead in a life that won’t end, just survival now.

Dreams have fled as I lay bleeding from a thousand wounds,
My lips are cracked from lack of touch,
Devoid of words that have meaning to mouth.

My back breaks under the weight of the world,
My head hangs heavy beneath these thoughts of depression,
My skin cracks and bleeds from lack of moisture, hanging useless.

This agony resonates through my skin,
Blending with my aura to create a deep azure hue,
The acid rain rends my flesh and it erodes away.

The Lady Moon bathes me in her clean, white light,
Imbuing me with a peace I desperately crave,
Allowing me to close my eyes and cross the Veil smiling.


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