Inaccessible Love

Darkness, blackness all encompassing.
A cavern so vast it can never be fully explored,
with stalagmites larger than houses.
Stalactites fall and shake the cave asunder,
dust dances a short life span before settlement,
rocks roll and shake the shattered dreams inside.
Glorious veins of crystal, quartz, emerald, sapphire,
shimmer and sparkle amid a low glow,
the only illumination in this underground monarchy.
Phosphorescent mushrooms support smoking caterpillars,
glowing, prismatic spiders scuttle across the wet stone,
and rainbow butterflies kiss the dewy ferns.
A heart thuds beneath dark waters,
protected by murk, toxins, and subtle dangers
in a sea devoid of precious moonlight.
The heart pumps falteringly,
a stuttering sangoire deep in a locked vault.
No entrance, no exits, no lock.
So how to win?

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