Life is Uncertain

Reconciliation can bring people together
when life gets you down,
Fate can turn the tide.

Massive waves more powerful than you
sweep you along on a journey like no other.
Look through a day and see beyond the years
to a time when life is still uncertain.

Thoughts resound in my mind,
bouncing off the padded walls of my prison
to create a cacophony of arguments
that give me a throbbing ache in my temples.

Nothing is ever for sure,
the only thing constant is change.
My style of writing, the processes of my thoughts,
the places of residence, and the people who I know
are a revolving door that spins like a wash cycle.

They make me clean, they make me whole,
they give me a foundation of love.
I want to believe that what I know is right
but people make their own reality.

Everything is all in your mind,
who is to say what is right and wrong?
I cannot believe that who I am
and what I do is not good, is not okay.

I do not mean to offend,
that is not my goal anymore.
But once again, I am questioning.
Always questioning, but in a different manner now.

Fate weaves this web for me,
a rainbow of colors to brighten my life.
She decides who I am to know,
She puts them here for a reason.

However, these riddles of hers
are left for me to unravel in the loom of life,
Right now it is tangled and knotted
like a red-headed stepchild’s hair.

I feel like someone is knocking on my door,
but I cannot see this ghost from my past.
I hear somebody speaking to me
but I don’t want to listen.

Get down on your knees and pray,
surrender your will and your burdens unto another.
It sounds too good to be true,
and more than likely is.

Maybe it’s time for a turning point,
the tide is carrying me away,
the ocean’s hands are wiping away my tears,
erasing my fears and telling me to submit.

So I lay my weary body down,
I pillow my pounding head in my arms,
I breathe deep the smell of love and roses,
and I send my thoughts skyward for forgiveness.


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