Love Ever-Seeking

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Expectant grey clouds swarm above,
their folds heavy with their load;
The little hairs on the back of the neck
rise straight up like the scruff of a cat
and then lightning strikes the tree,
its majestic limbs set ablaze with forewarning;
Dynamic waves pound the shoreline,
radiant with intensity and never-ceasing change
as a torrential curtain of rain creeps across the sea.
Run, little mousie, Hexxus has returned.
Vibrant essence of life flows towards safe harbor,
enwrapping the earth with its beauty,
enriching its propensity for opportunity.
Feel one’s spirit surging towards the azure shelter,
yearning for comfort in its accepting embrace;
Downpour, a cascade of events sweeping one under,
whisking away all thought of reality as shelter changes
like the forever tides, ebbing and flowing in concerto
with the orb of night, illuminating it’s namesake,
the Moon Flower. Relax in the presence of hope,
entwined with the cradling vines of nature’s dangerous love
as she places her softest kiss to bestow blessing unjudging
Peace, my darling, the storm will blow over with time.


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