Den of Lush Harmony

Life is a cycle, a never-ending turn of events,

Season after season, each step on the stage of life

Repeatedly occurring throughout the population,

Love to sorrow to healing to love to sorrow to healing.


A rebuttal I wish I had, a transcript to send to the “Authority,”

But alas, there is no arguing with nonexistent deities;

No way to change the future fast approaching;

No way to slow eternity’s spin, have a little more time in the day.


With an extra five minutes, pause to kiss your son one more time,

Throw ball with the dog, or make a smiley face pancake,

Feel the joy of that special smile, that smile of endearing gratitude,

As it melts your heart and soothes the ruffles of resilience.


Watch the smooth ripples after a dragonfly lands on the pond,

As they expand and overlap, gently changing each other,

Easing the wrinkles into tranquility, intoxicating aromas drifting,

Ensnaring your awareness into a den of lush harmony.


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