Dance of the Seasons

Stars twinkle dimly in the haze,

Slowly losing their shine in angst

Of the love lost in your life

As the ground grows cold in oncoming winter.

The vibrant colors of the harvest season,

Shining gold leaves float gently to earth,

Bright red vines trailing like thick hair

Through the dying green of summer.

A brisk breeze snaps the twigs’ tenuous hold

On the shriveling, dusky brown tendrils,

Sending twisting shadows swirling over your pale face,

Thin lips trembling as they hold back angry sobs.

As the last verdant leaf falls to the frosty ground

It is the last weight on your burdened back

And your knees crack to kneel unwillingly

To the life that was never foretold in prophecy.

Your monumental strength glides slowly,

Shrugging past the proffered hands

To lay in supplication at your weary feet

As your heavy head bows to unmerciful Fate.

Seasons turn, seasons change,

Nothing lasts forever though it may seem so

Though morbidity creeps like a shadow,

Danger in its every move through your soul.

Misery loves company, and laughter abounds,

Even in the darkest of shadows,

For there is balance in all things

And the yin yang is incomplete without night.

Lay your head in my lap, mon cheri,

Let my fingers caress your fiery hair

And soothe all morbid anxieties as best I can,

Feel my love heal your aching heart.

Winter is almost over, Spring is around the bend,

Where new joys are barely peeking through

Their rich, brown wombs and searching for sunlight,

Beginnings and endings are coming to fruition.


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