Journey of the River

Gentle is the birth of a river,

Beginning with a quiet trickle,

Slanting slowly through the rich, brown earth

And feeding small vines and tiny, pale flowers.

Sunlight glints off a stream, filtered by leaves

As it splashes off rocks and gathers speed.

It rushes into maturity and over the cliff’s edge

To fall down a staggered series of drops.

The water meanders on its way to adulthood,

Meeting friends and joining others along the way,

Each encounter changing the flow a bit,

Shrugging in ideas and lending a hand in the dark.

The lover is like the streambed surrounding,

Solid walls that embrace the tide, holding tight

To increase the tempo of the never-ending dance,

A conspicuous enthusiasm to the splashing waves.

As the stream rushes towards Destiny

It is sheltered by its father the Sky,

And nourishes its many loyal friends, the trees,

As Mother Earth cradles her below.

In great leaps and bounds, over stone and earth,

She journeys to the Sea at long last,

Still as sweet as at birth, but greatly changed,

Into the welcome oblivion of the beautiful Ocean.


2 thoughts on “Journey of the River

  1. falcon1974 says:

    I love the imagery in this one and the metaphor is very strong.

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