Crystal Resonance

Standing in front of the crystal, tremors coursed through her body in waves of delicious pleasure. The ground radiated and deepened as the resonance of the crystal’s song rang through her blood, beautiful and enlightening, her vision blurring and fragmenting and coming back in a kaleidoscope that tumbles in upon itself and reverberates back out again in swirling alacrity. Each tremor shook her sight with a loving caress and her hands trailed up her soft skirt, past her shirt, and then she gasped as her hands touched her bare neck and her flesh moved and tingled.

She shut her eyes, imagining what is unforeseeable. The concept of flesh wrapped around her mind, flashing by with thoughts of the ties of the flesh, piercing the flesh, and the blood beneath. She could feel it flowing through her veins in an unstoppable cycle, could feel it twinkling with life beneath her skin. Her eyes popped open and she stared at her milky white arms as they radiated a bright luminescence of her soul’s lifelines. Apart from her but shadowing the trails of her blood, they blurred together with her skin to create a glow like no other, sparkling and fabulous. She grinned with pure joy as she realized she finally made the connection that would save her life. Manipulating life’s forces was a hazardous task, to be sure, but who better than she to make it into a dangerous game?


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