Curiosity Killed the Cat

All Rights to Stock PhotoThis confused state of mind,

running around in circles,

searching for the dark place,

searching for the past.

Do I remember?

or do I dream?

I say I love you

but do I know what love is?

Arrogance has me wrapped up in his embrace,

unable to break free.

He steals my Kisses,

the ones meant for another

so I flee to Curiosity.

Curiosity killed the Cat

But she landed on all fours,

taking it from behind,

and the Cat dies again.

She spends a life,

and is reborn.

She hunts her prey,

stalking them in daylight,

sneaking around noisily,

just like the average Joe.

“Paranoia, anyone?”

and the Cat dies again.

trapped in her loneliness.

Apathy visits her,

makes love to her.

She becomes attached,

starts to see the world through his eyes,

the dark places near

and far.

Then Fear comes to save her,

rolling her in his snowball

as Memory flashes by

and she goes with the flow.

Pride catches her,

melts her with her kisses.

She stands up straight

with a chip on her shoulder,

undulating in Pride’s fire.

Next Self-Esteem runs away from home

And she searches

but finds Depression instead.

She falls into Lust

while Loneliness finds her,

All the while




for her Black Rose.

2 thoughts on “Curiosity Killed the Cat

  1. falcon1974 says:

    Now this is awesome. I love the unique way you examined those feelings by likening them to the lives of a cat. 😀

    • Woot! Thanks 🙂 I wrote that back in high school, but it’s one of my favourites. I’m really liking your poetry, by the way, but I haven’t had a chance to really comment on them.

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