Nature’s Complex Dance


The beautiful rain falls outside the shelter, bringing new life and refreshment with the pat-patter of the drops. It creates a sheet of tears, tears of joy and pain, and it brings great peace to those who listen. The sound of the quill scratching out meaningless words onto parchment harmonizes with the dance of the rain. And yet, not a thing can create such a symphony as that of nature’s great dance. It is so loud, and so profound, that at times it overwhelms the mind with its beauty. And yet, so many humans do not hear it. It is such a thing to contemplate the wherefores of this and it explains so much, if people would just take the time to. Humans create such a clash with nature’s beautiful dance that it is hypnotizing in some ways and disgusting in others. Ah, but do revel in chaos and destruction for it is a beautiful thing if ‘tis done right. For destruction also brings renewal of life and a second chance. Like the firestorm of nature and the saplings afterwards, gradual, late-blooming, but so beautiful it brings tears to the eyes. The clash of swords, the ring of blade upon blade, brings the eyes to watch the dance of grace. Swordsmen, beautiful and graceful, completely balanced, weave a pattern of death, beautiful and serene. Melodic voices sing songs of freedom, loud roars interconnect to communicate, and drums weave wonderful and powerful messages. Flames unite in a pattern of destruction, as beautiful as it is deadly, consuming hate and fear and love to create a new being of all these things.


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