Journal Entry 10.8.2010

Slowly push the bobby pins out, let loose the tightly bound hair, and run fingers through the strands, caressing the aching scalp. Yes, it’s been a long day, but a good one. Kick up the feet, bust out a pen and pad (or laptop…), and relax. This is my favourite part of writing: the expectant relaxation, in anticipation of a burden set down for a little while.

I want to spread my wings and fly away, to steal a quote or two. Just for a few days, I want to breathe the air of another mountain range, see wildflowers I’ve never seen before. Watch the rays of the sun break over sharp, majestic crags that are unfamiliar to me. Sink my bare toes into the exquisite sands of a shoreline that stretches for miles, feel the warm breeze upon my upturned face. Shriek and point when a tiny, white crab scuttles over my feet, and laugh with a beloved friend.

The foamy waves caress my trailing fingers, as I watch the breathtaking red sun slowly sink below the distant horizon. My thoughts, as always, trail in many different directions, branching like a fractal show on crack. The only thing constant is change, a never-ending cycle of tides that caress away the shape of a continent. Your wishes in life change along with your taste buds, maturing with time. I have what I’ve wanted, now I need to put procrastination in a tiny little box and send it on a journey to the center of the earth. It’s time.

Sometimes in life there comes a point where one really, truly needs help. Hell, there’s usually a lot of ‘em 🙂  I can not for the life of me understand how I came to have such absolutely amazing people in my life. I love them all, and am so amazingly grateful that I do have them in my life. I would never have stayed afloat on the ever ceaseless tide otherwise. So thank you, good friends, if you ever do come and read this 😉 You mean the world to me, and to my son.


“Today is gone. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. Every day, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.” ~ Dr. Seuss


One thought on “Journal Entry 10.8.2010

  1. Steve S. says:

    Outstanding writings, Not sure how i found this but some how it came up and i have not been able to stop reading. I have enjoyed each piece so far. Don’t ever stop letting the flow escaping your mind. I look forward to reading more.

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