Bad Dream

It’s a dark night, with only a sliver of the moon visible

Across the celestial platform above her head,

All is still, there is no wind, no crickets chirping,

There is not another soul in the entire world.


Empty houses, long abandoned and eerily corroded,

Line the once-perfect streets in this old metropolis,

White noise, like a buzzing bee, is a figment of her imagination,

As she stares at the bright street light over her head.


This little girl, slender and emaciated, stands in a grassy backyard,

With towering cement walls surrounding the all but barren area,

Blinking the glare out, she gazes at her decrepit environment,

The only bright spot the soft, green grass growing beneath her bare feet.


Whipping around, she freezes the wall in place with a maniacal stare,

Stalks it up and down like a caged animal about to fight for freedom,

Takes deep breaths to build her courage, memories flashing behind sunken eyes,

Slowly backs up against the far wall, runs as fast as she can at the wall and


Leaps with all her might, using the wall as a trampoline, and soars

Into the night sky, jumping to keep afloat, and go higher and higher,

She caroms around the stars, eyes aglow with intensity and awe,

If she stops jumping, she starts falling, like a horrible video game.


She soars, she flies, she glides, and best of all, this little girl laughs,

Tears of joy fly away with her terrible memories into temporary obscurity,

The pale moonlight suffuses her with peace, painting her with superficial beauty,

And draws her towards Her loving arms in the black velvety night.


Cradling this tormented child, the glowing moon rocks her into tranquility,

But the girl slips off the shining rock, and tumbles down, limbs tangled,

She can’t jump, she can’t get higher, she can’t stop her fall as the wind rushes past,

As it whistles in her ears, the girl quiets, stills, closes her eyes, and knows no more.


11 thoughts on “Bad Dream

  1. Tracy Allen says:

    Whoa! That “is” a bad dream! Lol! You painted an excellent picture of this girl’s dream. She WAS having a good time for a while but, it didn’t end well huh? 🙂 Well written!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. kyra1245 says:

    The way you describe the little girl. It reminds me of you. the way she looks at least.

    • It is me, dork 🙂 It’s a recurring dream I had when I was younger, hence the title. It’s actually terrifying, I don’t know why anybody says they like it.

      • kyra1245 says:

        Oh. It is! haha I figured it out. I’m smart. It sounds like our backyard. haha JK but it actually kinda does……
        and it’s kinda poetic thats why “anybody” says they like it.

      • Well, you’re a little smarter than you think, Sis. It IS your backyard 🙂 It’s supposed to be poetic, considering it’s a poem. ❤ you

  3. kyra1245 says:

    Oh wow thanks feeling the love 😉
    Well who knows. It could have absoloutely nothing to do with you or our backyard. Since you are. well you. 😛

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