To go beyond these four walls,

To create another room inside a room,

Filled with things from Imagination’s well,

And bring about a world of fantasy far extending.


To take these mundane things of one’s life,

And turn them into a gossamer web of twisted reality,

To take these neon leaves and give them life,

To turn bars of reality into a realm of wonder.


To personify that which is inanimate consistently,

Or contrasting absolute darkness with ethereal divinity,

Bring change to one’s existence in a string of unconformity,

Along tangents of unreality to take ordinary into inconceivable heights.


To love that which is not of thyself beyond the limits of normality,

And shape these into beautiful and grotesque images otherwise unnoted,

To bring to light that which is pagan and malefic to orthodox views,

Vaporous masses of thought that can challenge and soothe.


To create a sounding board for private thoughts and dreams,

Rebounding into souls’ eternity an impalpable thing made real,

To couch in veiling words that which is solely yours,

To make magical and imaginative dreams into tangible form.


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