Cosmic Opportunity

Big Dipper

The big dipper ladles the stars,

Scooping them in its ethereal glory

To cascade through the heavens

In a shower filled with wonder.


Ever-changing shapes glow in the moonlight,

Points of the crescent cradling her children

As the beautiful, soft clouds drift

Amongst the velvet opportunity of night.


The only thing constant is change,

Dreams intermingle into an insane reality,

Love and deception, happiness and heartbreak,

A surreal necessity that begs for relief.


An invention of colors, masks, and curtains

To sustain a miraculous plot of events

As twisted and corrupt as ‘tis beautiful,

Overwhelmingly awe-inspiring in the conclusion.


I blow a butterfly kiss to the Moon,

Carrying my wishes on its transparent wings,

In the hope of redemption and atonement,

And dreams of unconditional love and beauty,

It’s the little things in life.


One thought on “Cosmic Opportunity

  1. one can argue that it can go both ways

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