Time For Change

Another year has come and gone

Another year has hurt and shone

Another year gone by,

With all the world none the wise.


One day a light will come,

To shine on all, in equal scope.

One day an accepting love for all

Will welcome those about to fall.


Someday soon, all will be well,

A ruby heart will encompass the swell

Of dark facets and shattered facades

To protect those broken and at odds.


Someday a time will come for security,

With no crevasses, but with purity.

Someday soon there will be comfort,

A place to lay one’s head unhurt.


I will find it, in this new year,

And will eradicate my fear.

Love bestowed helps me glow,

And in return, I will embrace the flow.


4 thoughts on “Time For Change

  1. Deb says:

    Acceptance is something that can’t be found if it is sought. Stability trumps efforts to impress. May the new year bring more stability.

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