Heavy bass pounds through your bones,

Strobing lights flashes across many bodies,

Raise glass to lips, feel the warm alcohol caress your throat,

Loosen the tongue and bring a smile to your face.


Sit in a quiet room with blackout curtains,

Stale air, clutter everywhere, random spots of cleanliness,

Flick of the lighter, rotate the lightbulb to catch the white shards,

Inhale your escape, laugh as your eyes dilate and the speedbugs start.


Put flashing, glowing things on your soon-to-be relaxed limbs,

Take the little pills, suck the chemicals into your body,

Run your hands over bare skin, feel it soft and warm, alive,

Feel the music suffuse and animate your lustful body.


Strange posters, bright colors, splashes of paint, random mattresses,

Dark rooms, night life, bodies full of passion and drugs,

Explore your creative mind, and the limits of your physicality,

Smoke a bowl, a drop of acid, chew some shrooms, shoot up your escape.


Feel your drug relax your body, soul, and mind,

Then lay your head on the pillow and fall into dreamland.

A swirling kaleidoscope of images, memories, and desires,

Sleep rejuvenates, renews, recreates, readies one for a new day.


Bright sun glares in through the window, eyeing your current state,

He lifts your lids, shakes the dreams from your brain,

Bringing reality back to the fore, all of the chains of existence,

And a groan escapes your lips as the aftereffects begin to affect.

Good morning, Reality. Good night, Escape.


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