Torrential Torment

Out of the womb of pleasure is born

Squalling babes, innocent and pure,

Arriving to travel on a round-trip journey

Back to the Abyss from which they came.


The road of life curves and curls,

Twisting and splintering like fractals,

Songs of heartbreaking woe weave a melody

With intertwining verses of joyous remembrances.


A lonesome figure wanders the path it has chosen,

Vision blurry from the hammering rains,

Its feet slogging through the muddy excrement,

Gusts of cold wind whip its rags into stinging eyes.


In shock, cold and numb from life-changing events,

Putting one foot in front of the other, one at a time,

Visions, memories, and dreams howl through the chaos

That is its mind, unable to pause, meditate, gather wits.





In a daze, the figure looks up blearily as

Gravel rapidly leads the way to boulders

That start rolling and bouncing down the steep incline.

Unable to dodge, the figure is knocked into the filth.


Screaming, screaming, screaming

Hands clutching, breath gasping, lungs empty

From the vocal release of overwhelming emotions,

Nose plugged with mud, can’t regain breath.



Exhale, open mouth, inhale slowly.

Jaw clenched, chin raising defiantly, held up despite

The wind’s punches, rain’s clawing, and excrement’s dragging.


Bright eyes flash open, determined and adamant.

Fists clench, white knuckled and taut with strength.

Shoulders square, unruly muscles rippling.

Stands tall, heedless of the torrential torment,

And screams with heart and soul:






2 thoughts on “Torrential Torment

  1. Toby says:

    I enjoyed reading this, hun. What inspired it?

    • Talking about how my life is a torrential torment, and how nothing ever changes, it’s always an uphill struggle, etc. It was supposed to be really depressing, with a sad ending lol. And then it took on a life of its own 🙂 Thanks for reading! I’ll try and go comment on your stuff today!

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