Bittersweet Snowball of Destruction

Fall backwards into the mound of white powder,
Feel it flutter cold and kiss your sweet cheeks,
Inhale slowly and experience the chemical burn,
Intoxicating drainage slithering like the snake of desire.

Swish your limbs back and forth, make snow angels
In this naive play of childhood delight.
Intense cold suddenly smothers as it plops onto you,
Shocking you out of your innocent reverie.

Blackness encompasses, claustrophobia inhibiting,
As you climb out of the painful degradation,
But the essence remains within your broken soul,
Widening the cracks and silencing the scream.

Streaming images, flowing through ever-twisting tendrils,
Degradation turned to self-loathing, creating a well with no bottom,
Fed by affection, booze, and lies that lightly coat the surface,
Placating the gaping hole fringed by terror.

Wipe the powder off your nose, and hiss in a breath
As the razor blade slices your flesh, pain blooming like a lotus flower,
Shudders rock your body as it blinds you from the hole,
Temporary relief from your unhealthy desires.

A whirlpool of emotions, desires, and addictions
Consume your lonely existence, spinning you out of control
Into this bittersweet snowball of destruction,
Head over heels for agonizing oblivion and sugary detriment.


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