Nightmares and Memories

It never ceases, this nightly fixation to strive for wakefulness

An obsession that has haunted my soul for eternity,

Sinister and delicious, the ebon wolf is my companion as I fall,

Sauntering underneath the dark heavens, dancing in spaces between stars.


They say that old souls can inhabit new bodies,

Desires and weaknesses inexplicable and unexplainable,

Taking root deep in the loins and sending tendrils to heart’s bottom,

Imparting scrumptious shivers and gooseflesh throughout.

Teeth scrape and bite, nails like claws down my spine,

Vise-grip on my throat, as a distant wail of sheer terror echoes,

Silken petals caress as briar thorns send rivulets of crimson cascading,

Pleasure filled with pain and fear, relentless and enigmatic arousal.


Vivid and vivacious, tales of great woe, great love, and great pain,

Leaving me gasping for more and shuddering from it in the same breath,

Nipples harden in lust and trepidation, fingers grasp sheets with white knuckles,

Reliving and inventing malefic tales of spine-shattering impact and smirking demons.


Feel the blood trail down my face and between my breasts,

Lift hands scarlet with guilt and shaking with shock, world gone opaque,

Stumble to feet, pebbles in soles, boulders in souls, world gone into Twilight,

Others that perceive the world in different levels of reality, eyes of experience.


Burnt forests and smoking flesh assail my nostrils as I trudge through dreamland,

Seeking a reprieve from Sandman’s gifts, nightmares and memories one and the same,

Eyes wide shut, my ebon wolf appears, ears pricked and fur slick with my tears,

Guiding me to plunge beneath the warm lagoon’s surface into blessed, exhausted oblivion.


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