Malefic Beauty

All Rights Reserved

All Rights Reserved

Brilliant eyes devour your thoughts, gouging your soul,

Dragging to the surface all that is feared and adored by you,

Screaming entities intertwined with cherubic dreams,

A dynasty of foreboding fascination to be feasted upon.


The apparatus aggrieves the canvas, clawing sensational curves,

Outlining the supine hourglass figure of your true immortality,

Rich pheromones shatter upon the aura of predator and prey,

A yin yang of succubus and incubus, dominatrix and submissive.


Radiating intensity, powerlines burst forth and back,

Cruel propensity for delicious pain feeds upon the need for it,

A deep well only assuaged by mind-shattering reality of the moment,

An animalistic alleviation of the deliciously tortured soul facets.


The predator licks their lips in aroused anticipation, talons scritching,

Blood tendrils drip down bound hands and onto garters,

Unbeautiful accomplishment reveals dark facets from wayward palette,

Unto majestic tissue, art to inspire heavy breathing in all forms.


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