Understanding by the general populace is irrefutably impossibly,

An enigma amongst the pawns on a monochromatic board,

Etched with beautiful scars and green strength,

This jaded player delves in history, mystery, and war’s great fruits.


Emerald rook slides against granite, polishing and grating,

Hiding dark secrets as he moves through life’s choreography,

Attainable goals distant and fraught with emotional peril,

Parallel and perpendicular choices lend visibility to cynical eyes.


Experience of life’s horrible and violent facets have left

Aching, festering, plunging sores screaming with memories,

Sunshine hours and moonlit nights filled with inescapable reactions,

Veteran anguish and pride unfulfilled and begging for release.


Chest out, standing tall in halls of horror and comedy,

Valorous awards, medals, and stars shining with pride,

He adjusts his beret, rolls his shoulders, and balls his fists,

Handsome, strong, and mouth quirked for epic adventures.


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