Torrential Torment

Out of the womb of pleasure is born

Squalling babes, innocent and pure,

Arriving to travel on a round-trip journey

Back to the Abyss from which they came.


The road of life curves and curls,

Twisting and splintering like fractals,

Songs of heartbreaking woe weave a melody

With intertwining verses of joyous remembrances.


A lonesome figure wanders the path it has chosen,

Vision blurry from the hammering rains,

Its feet slogging through the muddy excrement,

Gusts of cold wind whip its rags into stinging eyes.


In shock, cold and numb from life-changing events,

Putting one foot in front of the other, one at a time,

Visions, memories, and dreams howl through the chaos

That is its mind, unable to pause, meditate, gather wits.





In a daze, the figure looks up blearily as

Gravel rapidly leads the way to boulders

That start rolling and bouncing down the steep incline.

Unable to dodge, the figure is knocked into the filth.


Screaming, screaming, screaming

Hands clutching, breath gasping, lungs empty

From the vocal release of overwhelming emotions,

Nose plugged with mud, can’t regain breath.



Exhale, open mouth, inhale slowly.

Jaw clenched, chin raising defiantly, held up despite

The wind’s punches, rain’s clawing, and excrement’s dragging.


Bright eyes flash open, determined and adamant.

Fists clench, white knuckled and taut with strength.

Shoulders square, unruly muscles rippling.

Stands tall, heedless of the torrential torment,

And screams with heart and soul:







At least once in everybody’s life you can see a pattern,
A path that seems inevitable through the immediate future.
It can twist and turn like a deer trail, narrow and lined with dark trees,
Or it can be straight as an arrow with no deviations, stinging when it pierces flesh.

My trail is one of curves, sudden turns, and lots and lots of hills,
Straight up and steeply down, with no rest in between,
Like a roller coaster ride with shoddy restraints that never ends,
With a muggy heat and an intense crimson glow to the sky above.

A disgust for those around you is not conducive to relationships,
So with a nose filled with the reek of alcohol and discrimination,
I feel angry tears of disappointment flow down my face,
To mingle with the bitter drags of the burning cancer stick.

One day in this life I will have what I want, what I strive for,
And that’s happiness in the cushion of love that surrounds me.
Material goods do not stroke your hair when you’re upset,
Nor do they give you random kisses of gratitude and then flutter away.

Once upon a time a girl with godawful red sparkly shoes
Followed a yellow brick road and found her home at last,
So skip along this path I will, striving just to simply “be good,”
And find a rainbow to scamper along to the shining pot of gold at the end.


Understanding by the general populace is irrefutably impossibly,

An enigma amongst the pawns on a monochromatic board,

Etched with beautiful scars and green strength,

This jaded player delves in history, mystery, and war’s great fruits.


Emerald rook slides against granite, polishing and grating,

Hiding dark secrets as he moves through life’s choreography,

Attainable goals distant and fraught with emotional peril,

Parallel and perpendicular choices lend visibility to cynical eyes.


Experience of life’s horrible and violent facets have left

Aching, festering, plunging sores screaming with memories,

Sunshine hours and moonlit nights filled with inescapable reactions,

Veteran anguish and pride unfulfilled and begging for release.


Chest out, standing tall in halls of horror and comedy,

Valorous awards, medals, and stars shining with pride,

He adjusts his beret, rolls his shoulders, and balls his fists,

Handsome, strong, and mouth quirked for epic adventures.

Malefic Beauty

All Rights Reserved

All Rights Reserved

Brilliant eyes devour your thoughts, gouging your soul,

Dragging to the surface all that is feared and adored by you,

Screaming entities intertwined with cherubic dreams,

A dynasty of foreboding fascination to be feasted upon.


The apparatus aggrieves the canvas, clawing sensational curves,

Outlining the supine hourglass figure of your true immortality,

Rich pheromones shatter upon the aura of predator and prey,

A yin yang of succubus and incubus, dominatrix and submissive.


Radiating intensity, powerlines burst forth and back,

Cruel propensity for delicious pain feeds upon the need for it,

A deep well only assuaged by mind-shattering reality of the moment,

An animalistic alleviation of the deliciously tortured soul facets.


The predator licks their lips in aroused anticipation, talons scritching,

Blood tendrils drip down bound hands and onto garters,

Unbeautiful accomplishment reveals dark facets from wayward palette,

Unto majestic tissue, art to inspire heavy breathing in all forms.

Love in the Jaded Palace

Each season that passes brings its own holidays to the fore,

Trotting their own memories down a corridor of chipped green,

Same ol’ laughter and tears, song and dance, heartbreak and happiness,

Sunshine on golden locks, leaves tangled in brunette, snow melting on ginger.

Masked Woman

Green marionettes fill the halls, cook the fare, prattle and preach their scripts,

As I rove amongst Fate’s design, monotonous melancholy meanders through mind,

Until a flash of multi-colored flesh sets a novel upon a lime table,

And intrigue cracks conformity, drawn like a moth to lethal flame.


Twisting through puppet-populace, he is lost amid fickle fangless fears,

And the book fills my thoughts with queries of right and wrong,

Sinking the intellectual dagger deeper through grey matter,

As monochrome fog dissipates in pursuit of the tattooed man.


Destiny’s emerald maze consumes, wrapped up in daily as seasons careen,

Lips begging for kissing as other pleasures are harvested and shunned,

A tiny thread connects the cynical cygnets, looped through a maze,

Poisonous hedge, barbed defense, sarcastic and guarded conversation.


Haunting melodic strains emanate forth from shiny black baby grand,

The two fleshy figures react to each chord, fingers twitch to each note,

In a ballroom of verdant stone, sassy reverberations shudder spinal threads,

Crying notes of unease, aloofness, loneliness, sensuality, and morbid fascination.


Green onlookers bewildered as elbows and knees mind clumsy choreography,

Swaying through the symphony, tempo slows tender feet placed ever closer,

Racing heart pumps scarlet to trembling hands, gasping breath inhales

Heady concoction of masculine musk, feline grace, animalistic arousal.


First caress along hips brings shivers, soft notes intertwined,

Aching heart throbs with powerful secrets bestowed, fingers trace pulsing jugular,

As the figures tentatively join, holding defenses and hearts high,

Sigh of black roses prick bare skin as head is surrendered to shoulder.

Images may be subject to copyright.

Images may be subject to copyright.

Emerald walls trill with sunshine and doubting hope,

Memory is shoved to the vault, a new page is turned in life’s novel,

Strumming my pain with each key stroked, killing me softly with each feisty rejoinder,

And the screams subside for a moonlit night of a heartbound worry.

Nightmares and Memories

It never ceases, this nightly fixation to strive for wakefulness

An obsession that has haunted my soul for eternity,

Sinister and delicious, the ebon wolf is my companion as I fall,

Sauntering underneath the dark heavens, dancing in spaces between stars.


They say that old souls can inhabit new bodies,

Desires and weaknesses inexplicable and unexplainable,

Taking root deep in the loins and sending tendrils to heart’s bottom,

Imparting scrumptious shivers and gooseflesh throughout.

Teeth scrape and bite, nails like claws down my spine,

Vise-grip on my throat, as a distant wail of sheer terror echoes,

Silken petals caress as briar thorns send rivulets of crimson cascading,

Pleasure filled with pain and fear, relentless and enigmatic arousal.


Vivid and vivacious, tales of great woe, great love, and great pain,

Leaving me gasping for more and shuddering from it in the same breath,

Nipples harden in lust and trepidation, fingers grasp sheets with white knuckles,

Reliving and inventing malefic tales of spine-shattering impact and smirking demons.


Feel the blood trail down my face and between my breasts,

Lift hands scarlet with guilt and shaking with shock, world gone opaque,

Stumble to feet, pebbles in soles, boulders in souls, world gone into Twilight,

Others that perceive the world in different levels of reality, eyes of experience.


Burnt forests and smoking flesh assail my nostrils as I trudge through dreamland,

Seeking a reprieve from Sandman’s gifts, nightmares and memories one and the same,

Eyes wide shut, my ebon wolf appears, ears pricked and fur slick with my tears,

Guiding me to plunge beneath the warm lagoon’s surface into blessed, exhausted oblivion.

Soul’s Window

Eyes shut, sounds of others’ movements all around,

The wind howling through the shoddy casing of the window,

Like the gasping screams that dig and scratch at my throat,

Create the nightly aura that fills the darkest time.

My emotions run rampant, inner turmoil seeking a way OUT,

Dark roots, thick and mobile, writhe like snakes in my lower back,

Containing all nightmares, past regrets, and dark desires of life,

Flooding my body with a sinister purpose, evil and beautiful.

Temptation taunts the twisted soul, masochistic release in grasp,

And the trunk undulates with a malefic sensuality, lifting arms in joy,

Branches rustle, bare limbs brushing each other, before disappearing,

Diving back into the flesh whence they came, burying deep.

Satisfied moonlight sheds a sassy twilight on the scene,

Soft grays, stark blacks, bark you can almost touch, roughened from abuse,

A sheen of sweat trickles down my back, lending rain to the display,

As fear and lush heat quicken my breathing, dreading and anticipating.

The moonlight shifts, and there’s an ornate, iron-bound door in shadow,

A small key hidden among branches, suspiciously just out of reach to any passersby,

To unlock the door to all of my secrets, to plunge down to the depths of the roots,

The morbid shadow that is my soul, kept prisoner among the façade of bark.


Branches stretch, grow, reaching for salvation, reaching for light and air,

Blessed water from the sky, laughter and love, the fruits of life,

Cool, dark earth to build a foundation, celestial sights for guidance,

The wind sighs its satisfaction as the fluffy clouds gather and shed tears.


A finger brushes an amber liquid’s drop from my shadowed face in the trunk,

A huge shudder rocks the tree, wallowing in despondency, eyes close, jaw goes slack,

Ephemeral beauty shines down, caressing and easing tension, dreamland slides close,

Strength to stand, lift chin and branches, bury deep into rocky soil, and reach for salvation.

   Sometimes the brightest light comes from the darkest of places.

Twilight Love

In the dark of the night

your soul glows like an ember

Be still, my child, dawn is coming


A small flame ignites,

creating a halo of warm love

in the embrace of mysterious twilight


Drift on a cloud of dreams

Let the them cradle you, as I do

Shush now, my child, Mama’s here


Let Sleep take you into a miraculous land

Opening your mind to impossible realities

as I watch you smile and close your eyes




Tears of Joy

Tears of joy

for this little boy

change my soul forever.


At the first touch

I didn’t feel so much

as I do now


When I screamed

my release to the beams

as I gripped with white knuckles.


He slipped from my womb

into the sterile birthing room

I sighed with relief and watched


As they took my little boy away

and said he could not stay

and the worst pain occurred


It was neither contractions

nor the actual birth happening

nor even the placenta being born


It was the doctor and those hands

as then up, up, and up

and squeezed my raw uterus


But as I put him to my breast

and lay down for much-needed rest

Anything is worth it for my child