“Junk is something you’ve kept for years and throw away three weeks before you need it.”

Blessed Union

Take my hand, and I’ll lead you away to a place only in your dreams.

Crystal Resonance

Standing in front of the crystal, tremors coursed through her body in waves of delicious pleasure.

Enchantment’s Rain Dance

Light rain patters across the city, seeking homes for its thoughts. grey shrouds part of the sky as it slowly invades the sunny landscape.

Nature’s Complex Dance

Flames unite in a pattern of destruction, as beautiful as it is deadly, consuming hate and fear and love to create a new being of all these things.

Sandiago’s Gift

She floats with luminous majesty in the niche of two crests, starting her slow dance across the sky.

Thank You for Smoking

Grey smoke curls away from the cancer stick, caressing your face as you puff, puff, pass.


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